Please read though some of the letters And Who's Watching Your House? Inc. has received from our satisfied customers. We believe it's important to hear what others have said about our work before you choose us. If you require more information, please contact us and we'd be happy to provide additional references of our work.

April 17th, 2011

Dear John and Pat:

Thank you for your fine service this past April. From start to finish, my experience with you has been thorough and professional.

This was the first time that I used a house-sitting service and I will never leave home without you, again. I will be forever grateful to you for averting the water from the broken downspout and avoiding a flood in the crawlspace.

In the past, I depended upon the favor of neighbors and/or relatives to check the property and water my indoor plants, outdoor pots of flowers and new plantings that were located beyond the reach of the sprinklers. I often came home to dried-out pots and stressed shrubs. Also, there was the time the lawn service had accidentally damaged a sprinkler head which flowed for days in the backyard, unseen by anyone.

I won't need to be concerned about any future incidents. I feel confident leaving my home in your care when I am away. Thank you again for 'watching my house'.


- Ann Marie (Brookhaven, New York)


Brookhaven NY 11719 1-15-2011

Dear John,

I wanted to thank you personally for checking in on my house while I was away over Christmas vacation. I am especially grateful that through the four- foot snowstorm you were available to close the door that the wind burst open. Shoveling the snow out of the foyer was so important to preserve the
hard wood floors. Luckily no animals found refuge in my house thru the jopen door, due to your speedy timing.

I feel confident that I can leave for vacation and know all will be intact when I return.

Thank you again for your thoughtfulness, shoveling a path thru all of the snow to my door. It made bringing suitcases into the house much easier than trying to drag them thru the deep snow.

I will definitely call you the next time I go away.


May 2nd, 2011

To Pat:

I wanted to thank you for the personal visit to our house while we were away. It was great see the pictures of everything, even our cat. Seeing pictures of everything as it should be was a great touch. Knowing that someone was there to keep an eye on things really helped set my wife and I at ease knowing that all was well with our home. I thank you again, and will use you again when we are traveling.

Dr. Joseph M.

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